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Dutch Bros Chico Rallies for the National Kidney Foundation

March 01, 2017

Dutch Bros Chico Rallies for the National Kidney Foundation

CHICO, Calif. (March 6, 2017) – On Thursday, March 9, Dutch Bros Chico will join forces with the community to support the National Kidney Foundation, by donating proceeds from the day’s sales. 


Dutch Bros Chico owner Dan Richardson has had a family member that was the recipient of a kidney donation and he was further inspired by his neighbor. These two events motivated him to get involved with and support the national Kidney Foundation. 


“We got involved with National Kidney Foundation a few years ago when my neighbor decided to donate a kidney to a stranger, and then run a double-marathon to raise awareness about organ donation,” said Dan Richardson, Dutch Bros Chico owner. “I also have a cousin, and an uncle who have donated kidneys to two of my cousins. This is a cause that is truly near and dear to my he


On Thursday, in honor of World Kidney Day, Dutch Bros Chico will donate proceeds from the day’s sales to the National Kidney Foundation. This nonprofit foundation strives to increase awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Funds raised on March 9 will directly benefit this organization as they continue to enhance the lives of those who have, or are at risk of facing kidney disease. 




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