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Dutch Bros Spokane Raises over $12,000 For Cure For Cat

May 24, 2017

Dutch Bros Spokane Raises over $12,000 For Cure For Cat

SPOKANE, Wash. (May 22, 2017) – On Sunday, May 14, all Dutch Bros Spokane locations raised $12,220 for Cat Davis, a local woman suffering from Scleroderma. 

Cat was diagnosed with a rare form of Systemic Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that turns her soft tissue into hard tissue. Because Cat's form of Scleroderma is systemic, it also effects her internal organs.

To raise the funds, Dutch Bros Spokane locations sold Medium drinks for $2, and they donated $1 from every drink sold on Sunday May 14, to Cat Davis. "We are so honored to play a small part in what we hope and believe will be a life saving surgery for cat, and a possible cure for Scleroderma," said Kevin Parker, owner of Dutch Bros Spokane. 

In order to combat her disease, Cat will be receiving her second stem cell transplant, this time the stem cells are from her brother Dan. Because Dan is an exact match and he does not have Scleroderma, Cat and her team of doctors are extremely optimistic about the results of her transplant.