Holidays? Check. Birthdays? You know it! Talk like a Pirate Day? Sure! Send a Dutch digital gift card for any occasion - redeem at the window or in your Dutch Bros™ app!

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Sometimes you just need something to hold, purchase your physical gift cards at your local shop or online!

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At this time, digital gift cards can only be purchased individually.

We can’t combine gift cards, however you can load your balance to your app account.

At this time, we do not participate in third-party delivery sites, so you can’t use your digital gift cards here.

When purchasing a digital gift card, you may choose any value from $10 to $100.

Digital gift cards can only be purchased online.

All locations accept both digital and physical gift cards.

Digital gift cards are not reloadable. 

No. There is no service fee charge for unused balances.

A digital gift card is an electronic gift card that is sent via email.

 No, digital gift cards never expire!

We recommend purchasing our IRL Gift Cards if you want to give something physical!
You can purchase those here.

You can purchase and send digital gift cards, same day, to your friends and fam through https://www.dutchbros.com/gift-cards.

They’ll be notified via email only.

Have them double-check their spam folder. If they still can’t find it, please reach out to [email protected].

Visit the Gift Card Balance page and click on the gifting section. Then, click on the “Check my Balance” tab. Enter the card number (located under the QR code) from your email to check your balance.

Currently, rewards are earned by participating in the Dutch Rewards™ program - download the app today! You must attach your digital gift card to your app, and pay using your Dutch Pass® in order to accrue points for free drinks.

  • Option 1: Transfer funds from the digital gift card into your Dutch Bros™ app to check out fast and rack up rewards using your Dutch Pass®!
  • Option 2: Simply show the digital gift card QR code to the broista at check-out.
  1. Open the Dutch Bros™ app, navigate to the Dutch Pass®
  2. Tap “Add Money,” then “Payment Method”
  3. If you have never loaded funds, select “choose payment method”
  4. If you have loaded a payment method previously, simply select your payment method, which will take you to the payment options screen.
  5. Select “Transfer Money from Gift Card” and follow the prompts

You can load the digital gift card to your app, and pay using your Dutch Pass® to accrue points.

Please contact us at [email protected]. Treat your digital gift card like you would cash and keep it some place secure (such as loading it to your Dutch Bros™ app). Please note the value of the lost or stolen digital gift card is non-refundable.

You can purchase food and drink items at Dutch Bros.
Please note: You can’t purchase digital or physical gift cards with your digital gift card, nor can you purchase merchandise through https://shop.dutchbros.com/.

Terms & Conditions

GIFT CARDS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By purchasing or using a Dutch Bros Coffee® Gift Card (“DB Card”) you are agreeing to any terms and conditions set by the card provider. DB Cards can only be used to make purchases at participating Dutch Bros Coffee outlets. No expiration date, service fee, dormancy fee, maintenance fee, or any other type of fee apply for use of the DB Card. DB Card value may not be redeemed for cash, check or credit, unless required by law. Dutch Bros is not responsible for any temporary inability to access funds on your DB Card. DB Cards may not be resold by any unauthorized party. Unauthorized resale or attempted resale is grounds for cancellation. DB Cards obtained through unauthorized channels will be considered void, and no refunds or reimbursements will be offered. DB Cards may not be purchased with Dutch Bros™ App stored value.  Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for a full list of our terms of service.