A masked broista holds a hot dutch bros drink

6 Drinks You Will Luv a Latte this Valentine’s Day

January 14, 2021

Whether you want to treat your boo to a chocolatey confection, you’re hitting up an Anti-Valentine’s Day party or just celebrating with your gals, Dutch Bros can hook you up this Valentine’s Day! Build your own concoction by adding classic flavors like chocolate, caramel, raspberry and strawberry to any Dutch Classic, Cold Brew, Dutch Freeze®, Dutch Frost® or Blue Rebel Energy Drink, or try one of these drinks. Make sure to stop by your local Dutch Bros this Valentine’s Day aka Dutch Luv Day (Sunday, Feb. 14) to support your community. Dutch Bros will donate $1 from every drink sold to local food banks as part of its annual Dutch Luv campaign to help fight hunger. 

Toasted Kicker Cold Brew

If your S.O. is feeling hot and cold (cue the Katy Perry), get your fix with the Toasted Kicker Cold Brew. This mash-up takes a Dutch Classic to a new level with steamed cold brew to keep you extra cozy. 

Dragon Slayer Rebel

Ready to slay this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the Dragon Slayer Rebel featuring Raspberry, Blue Raspberry and a Blackberry Drizzle. Whether you’re slaying dragons or hearts, the Dragon Slayer will amp you up.  

Trifecta Breve

Skip the chocolates and treat your beau to a delicious assortment in their morning brew. The Trifecta Breve hits all the notes with Caramel, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. 

Tuxedo Latte

Gearing up for a black-tie affair in your living room? Suit up with the Tuxedo Latte - a classic combination of White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate - to start your day in style. 

Chocolate Strawberry Frost 

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day classic. Create your own at Dutch Bros by ordering a Dutch Frost with chocolate and strawberry flavors and a chocolate drizzle. 

Sugar-Free Peach Tea

Feeling peachy? Choose between black or green tea flavored with sugar-free peach for an extra pick-me-up for you and your better half.