Our June 2023 Sticker of the month winner Moira is shown with the winning sticker

Congrats to our Broista Sticker Competition Winner, Moira!

May 14, 2023

The results are in!! Dutch Bros hosted its first ever Broista Sticker Competition where YOU got to vote for your fave sticker design made by talented Dutch Bros broistas! The winner and designer of the June sticker is, drum roll please,…Moira! Learn more about Moira below and a few drinks rec when going to snag your new, broista designed sticker!

About Moira 

Moira is a broista in Tempe, AZ! Growing up, they were heavily immersed in fan culture which led them to making fan art. At just 14 years old, Moira knew that their passion for graphic design was the thing that made them the happiest in the world. That love is shown through the detail and creativity of their sticker! 

“Graphic design is one of my first passions and I continuously strive to further myself and to find new ways to make my art uniquely me,” said Moira. 

Iced Green Tea Lemonade

To celebrate, try Moira’s favorite drink by adding watermelon and kiwi with a blackberry float to your Iced Green Tea Lemonade! 🍉🥝

Midnight Rebel

Moira’s favorite movie is ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’. Nothing more spidey than the Midnight Rebel! Our exclusive Rebel with blackberry and pomegranate is the perfect drink to save any day! 🕸️

Kicker Nitro Infused Cold Brew

If you’re a fan of nu-metal and hardcore music like Moira, we recommend the Kicker Nitro Infused Cold Brew! Our smooth and creamy Nitro Cold Brew with Irish cream syrup and half and half will deliver just the energy you need.

Blended Sweet Sunrise Lemonade

A summer revolving around So-Cal beach vibes and Warped Tour is what inspired Moira’s sticker. Peach, passion fruit, orange and banana blended together creates the ideal Summer drink! 🌅

Marmalade Dutch Soda

Everyone has a dream place to live and Moira’s is Europe! You may be on your way to work, but you can dream you’re in Europe while sipping on a strawberry, orange and grapefruit Dutch Soda!