A group of broistas cheers their Dutch Bros drinks outside a shop

The heart behind Dutch Bros

March 3, 2023

March 3rd is National Employee Appreciation Day! We can’t think of a better group of individuals to express our gratitude to than our amazing broistas! If you’ve ever been by a Dutch Bros shop, you were probably greeted with upbeat music and friendly faces. It’s common for Dutch Bros broistas to put smiles on customers' faces, but it’s also not out of the ordinary for them to go above and beyond. If you or someone you know is a DB regular, chances are you’ve experienced or heard of a broista stepping up in big ways.

A customer in Wichita, Kansas witnessed this first hand when they noticed they had a flat tire while heading through a Dutch Bros line. Two broistas at the shop didn’t hesitate to jump in to help. Since it was hot out, the customer was hooked up with a free drink to help keep them cool.

To all the amazing broistas out there, thank you for always making a massive difference for your communities and being a vital part of what makes Dutch Bros so special. Cheers to you!