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Celebrating National Best Friends Day: 5 Dutch Bros Drinks to Grab with your BFF

June 7, 2021

BFFs forever? You bet! National Best Friends Day is Tuesday, June 8. What’s the best way to celebrate endless adventures and inside jokes? Dutch Bros! Pick up your friend, hit the road and grab some Dutch- we’re spilling the tea on the best way to celebrate your ride or die.

Ray of Sunshine Rebel

Feeling a little down? Call your bestie. Need a partner in crime? Bestie. Celebrating a win? You got it- hang with the bestie. Best friends are our personal rays of sunshine. That’s why the Ray of Sunshine Rebel is the perfect way to say thank you. Blackberry, peach and a splash of grapefruit will brighten up the rainiest day.

For your BFF: Give the gift of sunshine to the one who brightens your day! While you’re rolling through, pick up a Sweet Sunrise Tea for your bestie! Peach, passionfruit, orange and banana will put a smile on their face!


Summer may look a little different this year (thanks, COVID), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Whether you’re beachside or land locked, kick back and bring on the vacation vibes with the Dutch Bros Cocomo- a coconut mocha that can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Your BFF add-on: Your bestie can help keep the island vibes going with a Cabana Rebel. The refreshing combination of pineapple and coconut can amp up any summer adventure!

Strawberry Lemonade

Opposites attract- we all know that. The best friendships are those who bring out the best in us and help us explore all aspects of our personality. The same is true with drinks. Sweet and tart, refreshing and energizing, Dutch Bros’ Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect way to celebrate summer and friendship. 

Double up: If your bestie is your polar opposite, add some hype to your chill with an Iced 9-1-1, a six shot Irish Cream Breve made to keep the party going.

Palm Beach Frost 

The frost is the Dutch take on a classic shake- a thick, decadent treat to cool off on the hottest days. Grab your buddies and take a break from the day with the Palm Beach Frost- pomegranate and peach chill together to create the perfect sip of summer.

Besties forever: Some things are just made for each other- peas and carrots, you and your bestie, and sunny days and flamingos. Treat your ride or die to a Frost date and grab them a Pink Flamingo Frost. Peach, strawberry and white chocolate are the sweetest treat for someone who’s always there for you.

Iced Nitro Cold Brew with Soft Top

Your bestie is your own personal hype person. Return the favor and hype them up with Dutch Bros’ Iced Nitro Cold Brew with Soft Top. A smooth taste with a kick of caffeine, topped with something sweet- just like the pep talks we all need every once in a while.

Treat your BFF: Your friendship is picture perfect, make your Dutch Bros stop just as Instagramable. Pick up a Picture Perfect Freeze for your bestie- a blended coffee drink with caramel and chocolate drizz. Sweet!