People in their cars at a Dutch Bros drive-thru coffee shop

Drive-Thru Love + 5 Drinks You Can Get On Your Next Dutch Run 🚗

July 28, 2023

How important is convenience? Dutch Bros recently did a survey to find out how customers consider convenience when making decisions each day! Turns out, the majority preferred to utilize a drive-thru rather than going into a store when the option presents itself! When rollin’ through a Dutch Bros shop, you always know you’ll have a fun, interactive experience from the comfort of your car! What is it about the drive-thru that appeals to so many? According to the study, three in five surveyors can’t deny it tends to be the faster option! 

With so many ways to customize at DB, we know it can be hard to decide on a drink when you’re at the window! See below for some tried and true recs that are guaranteed to satisfy. 🤩 

Golden Eagle Breve

One of Dutch Bros classics and the most popular drink across most locations! The Golden Eagle Breve is our version of a {insert traditional drink here}- a vanilla and caramel breve with caramel drizzle - what could be better!? 

Passion Water Soda

The passion fruit and watermelon soda is a refreshing, non-caffeinated option that’s good at any time of day - especially during the summertime! 🍉

Americano w/ Cream

Sometimes you just want to take it back to the basics - order an americano with cream and enjoy all the ~simple~ things in life. 😌

Double Rainbro Rebel 

With all the flavor options Dutch Bros offers, it can be hard to decide on just one…so don’t! Take our advice and mix up your flavors! Try the Double Rainbro- a strawberry, peach and coconut flavored Rebel energy drink- for your new fave combo! 🍓🍑🥥

Strawberry Smoothie w/ Whip

A strawberry smoothie with whipped cream will never go out of style! Grab one for you and your little one to start your day right.

Ready to join the fun? Grab your bestie and find a Dutch Bros drive thru coffee near you  🚗☕❤️