Let's take a look at your 2021 with Dutch

Dutch Bros 2021: Top 5 Hits

January 3, 2022

Dutch Bros is known for its energetic music and fun-loving crews, and this year was no different! We’re so thankful for our customers, crews and communities - it’s because of you, we’re able to live out our mission to make a massive difference one cup at a time. 


To wrap up the year, we pulled together the top 5 hits - from app stickers and fave drinks to making an impact in our communities, thank you for making 2021 the best year yet!


  1. Impact
    • Dutch Luv: Dutch Bros held our annual Dutch Luv Day where $1 from each drink sold went to local nonprofits working to help provide meals in our community. This year, we provided more than 1.6 million meals in the communities we serve with the support of our customers. 
    • Drink One for Dane: We cheersed to the wise man with our 15th annual Drink One for Dane. As of this year, we hit a total of 10 million dollars donated to Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the leading non-profit organization in ALS research, care, advocacy, educational and professional programming.
    • Buck for Kids: As part of our efforts to help create brighter futures for kids in our communities, Dutch Bros partnered with its customer to raise more than $695,000 for local youth organizations.
  2. Dutch Rewards™
    • 2021 was the year we launched Dutch Rewards™ and the Dutch Bros™ app, and we heard you loud and clear - you love app stickers! The favorite app stickers this year were:
      • Weekend Warrior
      • Puppuccino 
      • Campout Freeze
  3. Drinks
    • Whether you have a regular order or switch it up at the window, we took a look at the stats to find the top drink of 2021 (drum roll, please)...
      • Iced Golden Eagle
  4. Top it off
    • It comes as no surprise that we love Soft Top! This year, your fave drinks to add Soft Top to were…
      • Kicker Cold Brew
      • Blended Electric Berry Rebel
      • Caramelizer Freeze
  5. Customer Luv
    • Everything we do at Dutch Bros is because of you, our customers. You bring light and love to the window and online… 
      • Most Buzzed Social Post: Love Language
      • Most Loved TikTok: First Sip Feeling