Graphic that says "Dutch Bros Bracket Challenge"

Dutch Bros Announces Drink Bracket Challenge

March 21, 2024

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (March 23, 2024) - Calling all Dutch Bros lovers, it’s time to make your voice heard! Join the Dutch Bros Bracket Challenge in the Dutch Bros app or on Instagram to vote for the next Dutch Bros featured drink. That’s right. You vote it, we make it! 

The Dutch Bros Bracket Challenge will have three rounds: 

  • Round 1: Base (Cold Brew vs Latte vs Freeze vs Shake vs Iced Rebel vs Blended Rebel) 
  • Round 2: Flavors 
  • Round 3: Toppings


The winning drink launches Thursday, April 7 and will be available for one week only! Be sure to download the Dutch Bros app and follow Dutch Bros on Instagram to join in on the fun!