A dutch iced drink with no caffeine is held high in a cheers salute

Not Vibing With Caffeine? No Problem!

June 2, 2023

Caffeine isn’t for everyone but Dutch Bros can be! Dutch Bros has an option for every customer with all different preferences. Check out our no caffeine recs to see what sparks your interest and try somethin’ new! 

Gem Berry Soda w/ Cream

The raspberry, blackberry and vanilla Dutch Soda with cream is just the refreshing berry drink you’re looking for! 

Passion Water Lemonade 

If you haven’t tried Dutch Bros Lemonade - don’t wait another minute! Order with passion fruit and watermelon and taste all the fruity goodness!

Orangesicle Frost w/ Whip

It’s like a melted popsicle in a cup with whipped cream! The orange and vanilla frost (Dutch Bros’ version of a milkshake) is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny day.🍊

Toasted Mellow Dutch Cocoa w/ Whip

Dutch Cocoa is a fan fave and the perfect non-caffeinated option! Add chocolate macadamia nut and vanilla for an extra little ~flavor~!😋


REMINDER: All espresso drinks have the ability to be made with decaf espresso for a low-caffeinated option! You can also order as half-caf for less caffeine. Ask your broista for any help!🥰