A person rides a skateboard while holding a Dutch Bros iced cocomo drink

National Coconut Day

June 17, 2023

Coconuts may be great in every season but something about the summer weather makes them taste better! It also happens to be National Coconut Day on June 26th so this is your sign to eat and drink everything coconut! See below for all the different ways Dutch Bros can help you participate. 🥥

Cocomo Freeze

A frozen coffee? Yes please!! Try out a Dutch Freeze® with chocolate milk and coconut flavor!

Tropical Green Tea

Vibe out with a passion fruit, coconut and blue raspberry green tea to feel like you’re going on a tropical vacation!🌴

Rocky Point Rebel 

Mix up your Rebel to participate in National Coconut Day! Order a blackberry, peach, coconut and orange Rebel - it’ll be the new order you never knew you needed!

German Chocolate Mocha

Calling all mocha lovers! 🔊 It’s time to try caramel, coconut and dark chocolate in your mocha for a little extra flavor and no extra cost!

Strawberry, Banana & Coconut Smoothie w/ Whip

It’s always a good time for smoothies, right?! Next time add banana and coconut to your strawberry smoothie to really get all the ~Summer~ feels and don’t forget to add whip!

Friendly Reminder: You’re able to add any flavor to any drink so mix and match flavors that sound good to you!