Dutch Bros Electric Berry Lemonade

Dairy Free at Dutch Bros

July 7, 2023

Don’t let your dairy restrictions stop you from enjoying the delicious drinks at your local Dutch Bros! Or if you just prefer non dairy alternatives, these drinks are for you! Whether you’re looking for caffeine or caffeine free, there’s a variety of options available so check below for our recs! 

Vanilla Oat Milk Cold Brew

To try a ~simple~ gem, order Dutch Bros’ famous cold brew with oat milk and vanilla flavor! You’ll never want to drink anything else.😋

Electric Berry Lemonade 

Looking for a dairy free AND caffeine free option? This lime and blue raspberry flavored lemonade is the perfect drink for you! 🍋

Almond Milk Chai Latte

Spice up your day by trying something new! Order an Almond Milk Chai Latte - hot, iced or blended! 

Tropical Green Tea w/ a Coconut Milk Float

Taste all the summer flavors by trying the passion fruit, coconut and blue raspberry green tea! Add a coconut milk float, you won’t regret it! 🥥

Irish Cream Oat Milk Latte

Always wanted to try the Kicker but couldn’t because it had dairy? Now’s your time to shine! Order an oat milk latte with irish cream, you’ll never have to wonder again!

P.S. If none of these options are speaking to you, ask your broista for their fave recommendations! Our dairy free options include coconut milk, oat milk and almond milk!

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