four different DB drinks - a cold coffee with soft top, a hot drink, a green rebel and a red blended rebel

Dutch Bros Ordering ✨Tips & Tricks✨

January 18, 2024

You might think that what you see on the menu is what you get, but not at Dutch Bros! Go crazy on the customizations and ordering hacks to perfect the drink that was made for you. 

Flavor Combo + Base Drink

You’ve probably seen the DB secret menu but did you know you can add ANY flavor combination to ANY type of drink? Let your mind run wild with the drink you can make! 

For example, love the flavors in an Aftershock Rebel (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry & lime) but not feeling up for an extra boost of energy? Get it in a lemonade instead! Simple as that 🫡 

Level of Sweetness

You never have to worry about having a drink that is too sweet or not sweet enough! You can always customize your sweetness level. 

  • Quarter sweet 
  • Half sweet 
  • Extra sweet 


Different Coffee Options

Dutch Bros has something for everyone when it comes to coffee options! 

  • Espresso: Dutch Bros traditional espresso 
  • Decaf Espresso: non-caffeinated espresso 
  • White Coffee: lower acidity level, more caffeine than the traditional Dutch Bros blend and the flavor profile is much lighter, earthy and nutty. 
  • Cold Brew: Dutch Bros Cold Brew
  • Nitro Cold Brew: Dutch Bros Nitro-Infused Cold Brew - more caffeine than regular Cold Brew


Non Dairy Milk 

No dairy, no problem! Dutch Bros has you covered with almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk! 

Topping Options

Dutch Bros has all the toppings! Top any drink the way YOU want! 

  • Soft Top: Dutch Bros signature sweet & fluffy Soft Top
  • Whip: whipped cream perfect to top any drink
  • Float: a scoop of your fave flavor on top of your drink
  • Drizzle: your fave flavor drizzled around the cup
  • Birthday Sprinks
  • Cinnamon Sprinks