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Dutch Bros Phoenix employees making an impact with #BlessPHX campaign

August 21, 2019

Dutch Bros Phoenix has launched its second annual #BlessPHX campaign. The initiative launched July 15 and lasts through National Thank You Day, Sept. 15. #BlessPHX challenges Dutch Bros employees to volunteer 10 hours in the community, write five letters to customers and do one intentional act of kindness.


“Our community is so important to us,” said Josh Hayes, general manager of Dutch Bros Phoenix. “The #BlessPHX campaign is just one way we hope to say ‘thank you’ and show support.”


Dutch Bros Phoenix has more than 1,300 employees across 27 locations. The goal for this year’s #BlessPHX campaign is to see at least 500 of those employees participate. If that goal is achieved, it would equate to 5,000 hours volunteered, 2,500 letters of appreciation and 500 intentional acts of kindness. 


To date, Dutch Bros Phoenix employees have dressed in theme and volunteered at the ‘Let’s Go Disco’ event, at Banner Olive Branch Senior Center. They’ve also served at St. Mary’s Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Street Light USA, Boys & Girls Club of America and Feed My Starving Children.


Currently, volunteer time is valued at just over $25 per hour. If Dutch Bros Phoenix achieves its goal of 5,000 hours, that translates into more than $127,000 in in-kind investment into the Phoenix community.


“Above anything else, we want to be there for our community in a meaningful way,” said Caleb Berkey, owner of Dutch Bros Phoenix. “Our customers are there for us every day, we want to take this opportunity to be out in our city and help where we can.”