Dutch BRos broista takes an order at the car window

5 Must Have Drinks on Your Summer Road Trip

May 26, 2023

National Road Trip Day is on May 26th and it won’t be complete without a Dutch Bros drink in hand! We’ve come up with some options for you to enjoy while listening to your favorite road trip playlist! 🤠

Palm Beach Lemonade

On your way to the beach? This drink will make you feel like you’re already there! Our signature lemonade mixed with pomegranate and peach is the perfect drink to get you ready for vacay! 🌴

Blended Shark Attack Rebel

Picture this: You, scenic views and a Shark Attack Rebel! Can’t get much better than this mix of blue raspberry, coconut and lime with a pomegranate float! 

Passion Fruit Green Tea w/ Strawberry Real Fruit

Roll the windows down and feel the vacation vibes while you enjoy the Passion Fruit Green Tea topped off with Strawberry Real Fruit! 🍓

Iced Sugar Cookie Breve

Treat yourself to an Iced Sugar Cookie Breve! The ultimate blend of almond roca, vanilla and white chocolate. Top it off with Soft Top to add some extra sweetness to your ride! 

Ray of Sunshine Dutch Soda

This refreshing blend of blackberry, peach and grapefruit are what dreams are made of! No road trip would be complete without it! ☀️