A table full of delicious Dutch Bros drinks

What Dutch Bros Drink To Get For The Dad In Your Life Based On Their Zodiac Sign

June 17, 2023

Father’s Day is on June 18th and we’ve come up with the best drink to treat the father figure in your life based on their zodiac sign! While you can’t go wrong with any Dutch drink, see below for our recommendations!

Aries: Iced Electric Berry Rebel

It’s vibrant and bold, probably just like your dad - the Electric Berry Rebel is a blend of lime and blue raspberry. This drink is great for all Aries on the go!

Taurus: Iced Double Rainbro Green Tea

Trustworthy and dependable, you always know a Iced Double Rainbro Green Tea made with strawberry, peach and coconut flavors is the perfect drink for your Taurus father figure to sip and relax on their special day.

Gemini: Blended Shark Attack Rebel

Full of flavor and fun, the Blended Shark Attack Rebel will be their new go-to. This mix of blue raspberry, coconut + lime topped off with a pomegranate float is the perfect way to energize any outgoing Gemini who is looking for their next challenge! 

Cancer: Hot Caramelizer

For a loyal Cancer, go with a cozy drink. A hot Caramelizer is made with our bold espresso, exclusive chocolate milk, caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream to make any Cancer feel right at home!

Leo: Iced Vanilla Breve

A classic Iced Vanilla Breve is the way to go for your Leo! Add Soft Top and an extra shot of espresso, because this sign is known to be extra! 

Virgo: Blended Golden Eagle

For the perfectionist in your life, the Golden Eagle is where it’s at! This blend of bold espresso, half and half, vanilla and caramel, topped with caramel sauce drizzle is a fan fave that always hits!

Libra: Iced Kicker

The charming Libra dad in your life won’t be able to turn down an Iced Kicker! The perfect balance of espresso, half and half and Irish cream is something any Libra strives for to kick off the day!

Scorpio: Nitro Cold Brew

A Nitro Cold Brew is a true match for a Scorpio. This drink is smooth, creamy and packed with energy to get them through the day!

Sagittarius: Hot Christmas Morning Chai

Add a little bit of spice for this fire sign in your life! The Christmas Morning Chai combines Dutch Bros’ Chai Tea with half and half and white chocolate.

Capricorn: White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew

Keep things simple for your Capricorn and go with the White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew! A mix of Dutch Bros Cold Brew with white chocolate sauce and our exclusive chocolate milk - it won’t disappoint!

Aquarius: Tiger’s Blood Lemonade

Tiger’s Blood Lemonade is a mix of our signature lemonade with strawberry and coconut. This drink is sure to brighten the day of a clever Aquarius!

Pisces: Picture Perfect Freeze

The Picture Perfect Freeze features our decadent blended coffee with caramel and chocolate drizzled around the cup and on top of the whipped cream! It’s all that a Pisces would want in a drink - extra sweet and a sight to see!