A broista holding a tray with 4 drinks.

Drinks to fill your tray with!

March 25, 2024

The next Fill-A-Tray at Dutch Bros is March 27!! These days are the perfect time to try something new or share some faves with friends. Need a few suggestions or inspo for your Dutch run this Wednesday? Here’s four drinks that should def make it on your tray! 

Kicker Cold Brew

Why fill-a-try if you’re not getting a Kicker Cold Brew!? This is truly a bold flavor to kick up your day, so grab four to share, or not to share, we won’t tell! 😋🤐

Creamy Vanilla Protein Latte

If you’re not stopping by on Fill-A-Tray day to load up on protein with your buddies after the gym what are you doing? This is the perfect opportunity to try our newest milk option in your fave drink or with a whole new flavor, you obviously can’t go wrong with a classic vanilla latte. 💪🤩

Caramel Apple Smoothie

A true staple that’s often underrated, our Caramel Apple Smoothie is one you need to try. Top it with whip or Soft Top and caramel drizz, it’s so good! 😋

Fire Lizard Rebel

Finish off your tray with a signature Rebel! Featuring strawberry and tropical fruit flavor in our Rebel energy drink, it’s refreshing and energizing! 🦎