A red, iced, Dutch Bros Rebel Energy drink is handed out the drive thru window

Dutch Bros Releases The Firecracker Rebel Energy Drink!

June 30, 2023

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (June 30, 2023) - Dutch Bros is releasing the perfect festive drink just in time for the holiday weekend! The Firecracker Rebel energy drink with Soft Top & Poppin’ Candy is the perfect addition to all 4th of July festivities! If you’re not wanting an extra boost of energy, this drink can be made as a Lemonade, Soda or Frost.

  • The Firecracker Rebel is full of flavor and color featuring our exclusive Rebel energy drink and red raspberry flavor, topped with Soft Top and new Poppin' Candy!

The Poppin’ Candy is the perfect 4th of July topping because it feels like there are super tiny firecrackers in your mouth! Make the most of this new candy topping and add it to your go-to drink!  

“Everyone has been lovin’ on all the different topping options we’ve been featuring, so we wanted to surprise our awesome customers with a poppin’ new drink for the holiday weekend,” said Charles Swindler, senior vice president of brand at Dutch Bros. “Poppin’ Candy is the ultimate topping to celebrate 4th of July with!”

The Firecracker Rebel will be available while supplies last, so head over to your local Dutch Bros to try this limited time drink!