A large green iced Rebel energy drink from Dutch Bros

Get into the St. Patrick’s Day Spirit with these Dutch Bros Drinks

March 9, 2021

While our roots are Dutch, we’re always down for a party! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we rounded up eight drinks to get the party started. Whether you’re craving something green or want something to give you an extra kick to celebrate, Dutch Bros can hook you up! Check-in on the Dutch Bros app on March 17 and unlock the St. Paddy’s Day app sticker.


This Dutch Classic features sweet Irish Luck, oops... we mean Cream. Order it as a Breve, Latte or Cold Brew to get your fix! 

Electric Berry Rebel

The Electric Berry Rebel is an absolute must-try on the Dutch Bros menu. The mixture of Lime and Blue Raspberry will make your taste buds sing and it can be your something green this St. Patrick’s Day! 

Shark Attack Rebel

Don't test your luck this St. Patrick's Day. A shark attack doesn't sound like something lucky... but a Dutch Bros Iced Shark Attack Rebel is! Avoid getting pinched by sipping on this green combo of Blue Raspberry, Coconut, Lime and a Pomegranate Drizzle. 

Tropical Green Tea

This everyday favorite can take you on a tropic vacation any time of day! Whether that’s your only hour of solace in your car (no judgement) or you’re playing hooky, add the Tropical Green Tea to your next order. 

Passion Fruit Green Tea

Are you passion-ate about the Irish holiday? If you’re looking for a refreshing pick me up, look no further than the Passion Fruit Green Tea.

Green Apple Smoothie

It’s green! Get it? Regardless of color, the Green Apple Smoothie is an absolute delight. Level up and order a Caramel Apple (*yum*). 

Green Tea Lemonade

Did you know you can mix tea and lemonade for any drink? Test drive the flavor combo in a Green Tea Lemonade. 

Double Rainbro

No leprechauns at the end of this Double Rainbro, but it’s definitely golden! This fan favorite features Strawberry, Peach and Coconut flavors. Get it your way - iced, blended or even sugar-free!