Dutch Bros business coach Rennika Doty poses with students from Haiti

Giving back: Dutch Bros leader finds new passion and purpose in Haiti

January 14, 2019

“It’s been on my heart the last couple of years to take a trip out there.”

Rennika Doty is driving through the streets of Portland, reflecting on her recent trip to an orphanage in Haiti. The Dutch Bros business coach left Oregon’s cold, rainy days in early December to spend a week with children in what’s considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

“These children were living in the most severe conditions I have ever seen.  Going days without food or water, sleeping wherever they can find dry shelter and living day to day,” said Doty, who saw the struggle first hand. “It is common for parents to give up their children to an orphanage, because they know their kids will be fed, clothed and given an education; which is not otherwise promised." 

Doty’s desire to help the children of Haiti runs in the family. Her trip was through a non-profit called Ncompass, which was started by her brother-in-law and a few of his college friends.

“Their non-profit originally focused on feeding the homeless in Portland,” explained Doty. “Then my brother-in-law met a surfing buddy on the coast who was deeply involved in helping out the children of Haiti. Eventually, they joined efforts and refocused Ncompass’ vision.”

The non-profit now focuses on supporting nearly three dozen children living in Maranatha House Orphanage in the small town of Titanyen. The organization’s support ensures the children are fully funded, with enough money for food, clothes, supplies, and school tuition.

“It’s really incredible what they do for these kids,” said Doty. “And they’re planning to do more. Their goal this year is to pay for another 100 kids from the village to go to school.”

Doty’s trip was sparked by the organization’s growth plan. She went to Haiti to help her brother-in-law and other leadership make new connections. They’re hoping those connections will help kids who are moving into adulthood.

“A lot of kids in the orphanage were really young when Ncompass started helping out, and now they're graduating high school. They're trying to figure out how to transition them into their next phase of life, whether that be a trade school, college or starting a career.”

For now, Ncompass, Doty and other volunteers will do what they can to bring extra joy into the lives of the children they’re helping.

“While I was there, we got to take the kids with the best grades to the beach. They’d never seen the ocean before- it was incredible. And Dutch Bros helped us hook up all the kids with insulated water bottles so they could keep their water cold. They were so excited!”

Now that she’s experienced the difference being made in Haiti, Doty says she’s hoping to get more involved with her brother-in-law’s organization. She says she’ll do it with the blessing of Dutch Bros.

“Dutch Bros encourages us in whatever we set out to do,” said Doty. “It goes without saying that our company is about serving others and lifting people up- even outside work hours. My dream is to pay it forward and help these kids in creating a better life for their future. I have more support than I can ever ask for and I think that speaks volumes.”