How to celebrate National Donut Day at Dutch

June 2, 2021

Donuts are like the mimosa of desserts- they’re socially acceptable to eat before lunch and we’re here for it! Nothing goes better with a donut than coffee or chocolate milk! Here are a few drinks you should try when you Celebrate National Donut Day with Dutch Bros!

Only want to splurge a little? The Jelly Donut Frost is a great way to take part in the festivities without actually eating a donut. 💁🏽‍♀️ Salted caramel, almond and raspberry flavors is the perfect donut experience all in one. YUM! 

A classic cold pour Chocolate Milk is the way to enjoy childhood no matter your age. Not to mention, Dutch Bros’ chocolate milk is truly one of a kind; it's thick, creamy and the best way to wash down any kind of donut. 🍫

If you like to wake up early and enjoy your donuts, you’ll definitely need an Americano to perk you up and cut the sweetness of an old-fashioned glazed donut. 

Coffee or chocolate milk isn’t your vibe? Match your fave donut with an Iced Strawberry Rebel! Try it with a Boston Cream, then try to name a better combo 😎

And the best option to pair with any and all of the donuts today? We vote for the Hot Mocha. The Dutch Classic is the best of both worlds (hello Hannah Montana) bold and sweet.