Dutch Bros lavender drinks are back and you can enjoy this flavor so many ways

A Lavender Love Story 💜

January 10, 2023

You asked and we listened - lavender is back! It all started in Spring 2020 when Dutch Bros announced the launch of a delicious and unique flavor, lavender. It was seriously unlike any other flavor DB had offered and seriously became a fan fave unlike any other. 

Most people think limited time flavors are bound to return but when 2022 rolled around and there wasn’t lavender on the forecast, our loyal lavender stans let us know how they felt! THEY WANTED LAVENDER BACK!!!

It made sense why everyone wanted lavender back on the menu, especially White Chocolate Lavender. The subtle but unique floral taste paired perfectly with the rich profile of white chocolate topped with the never to be forgotten signature Soft Top, who wouldn’t fall in love? Lavender is such a versatile flavor that even our non-coffee drinkers found a love for it! 

Adding lavender to a lemonade, tea or frost always hits the spot. Our favorite thing about lavender? People with all types of palates are able to enjoy! 

“Lavender is such a special flavor and we’re so excited to be bringing it back for our customers who were so sad to see it go!” said Charles Swindler, senior vice president of brand.We thought it would be the perfect way to kick off 2023!” 

Lavender will be available at your local Dutch Bros shop from January to March. Don't walk but RUN into the sweet arms of lavender! Ready to start your lavender love story? Find your nearest shop here!