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To our Dutch Family

June 2, 2020

To our Dutch Family,

Part of our DNA as a company is to be a light to everyone we meet. We do that by creating moments of connection each time someone comes to Dutch Bros. 

For our community of broistas, being a light has meant sharing a smile or hug, listening and giving back to our communities. Today, we know there’s something else we must do to continue being a force for good- stand up as individuals, and as a company, to say Black lives matter.

Let us be clear. Systemic racism in our country needs to end. Dutch Bros stands alongside our Black employees, customers and community members. We see you and are committed to using our platform to ensure your voices are heard.

Our priority at Dutch Bros is always the person in front of us. We have not, and will not, tolerate racism; we will continue serving our customers as individuals and with dignity, respect and kindness.

Staying silent is not an option. We invite you to join us in standing behind our Black employees, customers and communities. Black lives matter.

Thank you,

Travis Boersma

Co-founder and CEO, Dutch Bros Coffee