Dutch Bros Celebrates National Hot Chocolate Day

6 Dutch Hot Cocoas to try on National Hot Chocolate Day

January 24, 2023

January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day! Our unique spin on this traditional yet timeless childhood treat is made with our exclusive chocolate milk, steamed to perfection and paired with a flavor of your choice. Here’s 6 Dutch Cocoa drinks you should try in honor of National Hot Chocolate Day!

  1. Double Chocolate Cocoa

Too much chocolate? Sorry, those words aren’t part of our vocab! Our Double Chocolate Cocoa checks all the boxes for a perfect cup of hot chocolate. This classic is made with our exclusive chocolate milk and rich chocolate sauce. If you would like to add a superb swirl of whip cream, ask your broista! We’ll even add sprinks if you’re feelin’ fancy. 

  1. Caramelizer Cocoa

There’s few things that go better together than chocolate and caramel. The Caramelizer Cocoa combines chocolate milk and caramel sauce. You can customize this drink exactly the way you want it by requesting whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. Not a whip fan? Try any of our cocoas with Soft Top! 

  1. Dutch Canyon Cocoa

You’ll be telling stories around the campfire about our dreamy Dutch Canyon Cocoa once you’ve had a taste. The Dutch Canyon Cocoa is made with white and dark chocolate sauce paired with chocolate macadamia nut flavor. If you want to take this drink up another level, request whipped cream and a caramel drizzle! 

  1. Raspberry Cocoa 

A drink worth indulging in. This treat pairs our exclusive chocolate milk, steamed to perfection with the addition of tangy raspberry to make for an irresistible flavor combo. 

  1. German Chocolate Cocoa

Craving dessert after every meal? We can relate. Our German Chocolate Cocoa is just as perfect as it sounds. Number five on our list combines caramel, coconut and dark chocolate to give you a taste guaranteed to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings. 

  1. Tuxedo Cocoa

No special occasion needed to try out this classy cocoa. Sweet white chocolate sauce paired with divine dark chocolate makes for a flavor combination that’s striking enough to turn heads. 

Pro Tip: For a little extra kick, turn any of our unique cocoas into a mocha with the addition of espresso. Let your broista know when they take your order!