A collection of Strawberry Lavender drinks from Dutch Bros

Celebrate National Strawberry Day at Dutch Bros

February 22, 2023

Nothing’s better than a classic flavor like strawberry - it’s so versatile and makes for the perfect panic order! If you love strawberry and are looking to shake things up while still participating in National Strawberry Day (Feb. 27) - check out our recs below for the best combos that include your fave flavor. 🍓

Fire Lizard Dutch Soda

Secret menu flavor alert‼️ Strawberry, banana and orange is the new go-to flavor when you’re wanting a fruity soda! 

Galaxy Fish Rebel

Next up on your list of drinks to try: the famous strawberry, lime and passion fruit Rebel! The unique hint of lime makes it different from other fruity secret menu flavors! 

Tigers Blood Green Tea

If you’re not the adventurous type when it comes to your drink order - start small, try our strawberry, coconut flavors in Dutch Bros’ Green Tea. 

Strawberry-Mango Smoothie w/ Soft Top

There’s never a bad time for a smoothie! Next time you’re in the market for a new order or need a drink for your little one, try our strawberry-mango smoothie with Soft Top or whip! 

Marmalade Rebel

Didn’t know Dutch Bros has an orange flavor? Don’t wait any longer - try it paired with strawberry and grapefruit in a Rebel and thank us later!

Pro Tip: All flavor combinations have the ability to be made with any base - so mix and match until you’ve found the perfect drink!