Two iced Dutch Bros drinks are shown

National Toasted Mellow Day

August 30, 2023

Celebrate National Toasted Mellow day on August 30 at your fave drive-thru coffee shop, Dutch Bros! Whether you’re in the mood for a warm, cozy coffee or a refreshing Dutch Frost (our version of a milkshake) - there’s something for everyone! Dutch Bros toasted mellow secret menu combo consists of chocolate macadamia nut and vanilla flavor. 

Campout Cold Brew

The perfect summer send off drink! Chocolate macadamia nut and vanilla flavor in Dutch Bros’ signature Cold Brew with chocolate milk, topped with Soft Top and chocolate drizzle! A morning coffee perfect for the August ~vibes~. 🏕️ 

Toasted Mellow Mocha 

Patiently waiting for the fall weather to be here already? One sip of the chocolate mac and vanilla mocha will be the cozy feeling you’re longing for! ☕

Toasted Mellow Frost w/ Whip

A sweet treat to start or end your day with.🍦 The toasted mellow flavors in a frost topped with whip will cure all sweet tooth cravings!

Toasted Mellow Chai w/ Whip & Cinnamon Sprinks 

Dutch Bros Chai is one-of-a-kind. Chai with 2% milk with chocolate mac and vanilla flavors is a must try! But it gets better! Add whip and cinnamon sprinks for the full experience. 

Heads up! Dutch Bros Toasted Mellow flavors, chocolate macadamia nut and vanilla, can be ordered sugar free! Curious about more sugar free options? Check out these Sugar Free Dutch Bros Classics we have for you! 

P.S. You can always find the closest Dutch Bros drive thru near you here or through the Dutch Bros app!