Words that read "Pumpkin Pie Soft Top is here" with two iced drinks

NEW: Pumpkin Pie Soft Top at Dutch Bros

October 1, 2023

You can never have enough pumpkin when fall comes around, right?! Dutch Bros is making sure you have all the pumpkin options. Try the NEW Pumpkin Pie Soft Top now at any Dutch Bros and on any drink of your choice! See below for a few drinks we recommend you try it on!  

Dutch Bros Pumpkin Pie Soft Top will be available from October 1st to October 31st so don’t miss out!

Pumpkin Pie Cold Brew w/ Pumpkin Pie Soft Top

Dutch Bros Cold Brew with pumpkin pie flavor topped with the newest addition to the menu - ✨Pumpkin Pie Soft Top✨ is a must try! 

Pumpkin Pie Latte w/ Pumpkin Pie Soft Top

Spice up your latte with a fall twist by adding pumpkin pie flavor + Pumpkin Pie Soft Top and embrace the chilly, cozy season! 😌🍂

Vanilla Chai w/ Pumpkin Pie Soft Top

There’s no better flavor duo than vanilla and pumpkin! Try a chai (made with 2% milk) with vanilla and Pumpkin Pie Soft Top!

Kicker w/ Pumpkin Pie Soft Top

A classic Kicker but top it with Pumpkin Pie Soft Top to make it ~fall~. You won’t want the season to end! 

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