Fireworks as Rad as Our Firecracker Rebel

4 Fireworks as Rad as Our Firecracker Rebel

July 3, 2024

Looking to light up the 4th of July in your own way? Check out these 4 stunning fireworks that are as show-stopping as a Firecracker Rebel from Dutch Bros! 🇺🇸

Sparklers x Firecracker Rebel ✨ 
A fan fave on Independence Day, this firework shares in its iconic nature with our Firecracker Rebel featuring our exclusive Rebel energy drink and raspberry flavor.

Pop-Its x Firecracker Rebel 💥 
This firework is reflective of our Firecracker Rebel through its top layer of poppin’ candy for a poppin’ good combination and time!

Smoke Balls x Firecracker Rebel 🌈 
Packed with color like our bright red Firecracker Rebel, this firework brings all the fun!

Firecracker x Firecracker Rebel 🧨 
Bet you didn’t see this one coming! 😉 Besides being name twins, firecrackers are loud in sound and our Firecracker Rebel is loud in flavor!

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