a yellow blended rebel with a red float on top and a red blended rebel with white soft top

Rep Your Team With A Special Rebel Energy Drink For The Big Game!

February 9, 2024

No matter which team you’re rooting for, Dutch Bros is giving you a way to stay energized this Sunday! Featuring a Blended Red Raspberry Rebel with Soft Top, The Boyfriend Rebel 🫶 is the perfect drink to enjoy while rooting for your favorite artist’s boyfriend. The Golden Gate Rebel 🌉, a Blended Passion Fruit Rebel w/ Strawberry Float, is every “Mr. Irrelevant” fan’s top pick for staying energized for the game everyone has been waiting for! 

Check out the list below for the best game day snacks to compliment your team’s special Rebel! 

Boyfriend Rebel 🤝 Chips and Dips 

The perfect appetizer to start the busy day ahead and goes great with a passion fruit Rebel!

Golden Gate Rebel  🤝 Burger Sliders

Who doesn’t love mini burgers while watching football? The only thing to make it better is a drink that matches the color of your team!

Boyfriend Rebel 🤝 Family Style Nachos

Nothing beats a big nacho with a refreshing drink that’ll get your energy up to cheer on your team!

Golden Gate Rebel 🤝 Buffalo Wings & Fries 

Wings and fries are the duo that you won’t want to miss out on for the big game! Pairs great with a Rebel to support your team!

Boyfriend Rebel  🤝 Pizza

Tasty, simple and a crowd pleaser - pizza! Too busy thinking about the big game to plan food? Just order a pizza and swing by Dutch Bros for all the Rebels!