A Broista holding a Double Rainbro Rebel & a Peach Ring Rebel stacked on top of each other.

10 DB Drinks You May Have Never Heard Of

April 8, 2024

Our not-so-secret menu has all of the drink possibilities you’ll ever need! Not sure what to get? Dutch Bros has you covered! See below for some drinks you may have never heard of that could become your new go-to!


1. Iced Cookies & Cream Breve 🍪

White coffee, half and half, white chocolate sauce and dark chocolate drizzle - it’s all you could want and more in a drink (or a cookie)!


2. Blended Peach Ring Rebel 🍑

This delicious drink blends our exclusive Rebel energy drink with white chocolate sauce and passion fruit syrup topped with peach drizzle. The perfect pick-me-up to get you through the day!


3. Iced Red White & Blue Rebel 🫐

Pair raspberry and blue raspberry syrup with white chocolate sauce mixed in our Rebel energy drink for a drink you’ll crave!


4. Peach Cobbler Freeze 🥧

It’s your favorite dessert made into a delicious drink! Combining white chocolate sauce, peach syrup and chocolate macadamia nut syrup, it’ll be your go-to late night treat!


5. Tropical Rebel 🍹

A blended Rebel with passion fruit, coconut and blue Raspberry will have you feeling all of the good vibes!


6. Palm Beach Lemonade 🌴

Nothing says a sip of summer quite like this blend of pomegranate & peach in our delicious lemonade. Sipping on this refreshing drink will have you feeling like you’re on vacation!


7. Iced Vampire Slayer Green Tea 🧛

Strawberry and pomegranate are just the right amount of sour and sweet! Mixed in our green tea, it’ll be your new favorite drink!


8. Flap Jack Cold Brew ☕

The flap Jack cold brew is the drink of your dreams! This drink combines caramel syrup, vanilla syrup and white chocolate sauce mixed with our cold brew and your choice of milk.


9. Coral Reef Shake 🪸

The Coral Reef Shake is the perfect treat on a sunny day! Mixing orange and vanilla flavors with blue raspberry drizzle, there’s not much better!


10. Passion Water Soda 🫧

Combine our exclusive sparkling water with passion fruit and watermelon flavors for a simple, refreshing drink!


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