strawberry frost dutch bros drink

Share the Dutch Luv with Valentine’s Day inspired drinks!

February 14, 2022

Treat your loved ones with Dutch Bros this Valentine’s Day! Get the inspiration brewing with these tasty and on theme drinks. 

Strawberry Frost with Whip

Nothing beats a classic. A Frost, a Dutch take on a classic shake, is a non-caffeinated drink that can be enjoyed all day long! 

Double Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew

Surprise your chocolate lover with a morning pick-me-up! A classic mocha leveled up with double chocolate and refreshing cold brew. 

Blended Pink Flamingo Rebel

The Pink Flamingo features Peach, Strawberry and White Chocolate which are perfectly complemented in a Blended Rebel. 

Double Rainbro Green Tea

Upgrade your green tea to double the fun with a customer favorite - Double Rainbro! It features a sweet combination of strawberry, peach and coconut. 

Raspberry White Chocolate Breve

Complimenting your espresso with raspberry and white chocolate will have your loved one’s taste buds swirling with love!   

Ray of Sunshine Rebel

Give your Ray of Sunshine a taste of blackberry, peach and grapefruit with Dutch Bros’ exclusive Rebel energy drink to amp up their day!