white chocolate dutch cocoa with whipped cream

Six Ways to Order Dutch Cocoa

January 31, 2022

National Hot Chocolate Day (Monday, January 31), is here and Dutch Bros Coffee has you covered. Our exclusive chocolate milk can be steamed to perfection with any flavor of your choice! Check out 6 ways to order Dutch Cocoa for your next visit! 

Dream Weaver: Hazelnut & White Chocolate

Need something delightful before your afternoon nap? Hazelnut and White Chocolate in the Dream Weaver is sure to help you dream big before your next big task.

Double Chocolate: Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers wya (where ya at)? We know this extra chocolatey take will satisfy every craving for even the most passionate chocolate lover.

Banana Bread: Banana & Hazelnut

No monkey business here. Banana and Hazelnut make up the taste of a freshly baked slice of Banana Bread. Add it to your Dutch Cocoa next time you want a piece of heaven.

Molten Lava: Cinnamon & Dark Chocolate

It’s like a grandma's burning love. A delicious mix of Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate, a great way to spice up your day.

White Chocolate

Rush hour may not be all that bad! A simple addition of White Chocolate may be just what you need to make your evening drive a little sweeter.

Grasshopper: Creme de Menthe & Dark Chocolate

Chill Creme de Menthe and decadent Dark Chocolate will bring soothing vibes for those looking to hop into their day with peaceful bliss!