Two individuals standing out of a car sunroof with a Dutch Bros in hand

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Dutch Bros! Find the Dutch Bros drink that matches your Love Language 💘

February 12, 2024

You won’t disappoint this Valentine’s Day by gifting your partner Dutch Bros! See below for the five love languages paired with its perfect DB drink match 🥰

Words of Affirmation + Dutch Luv Rebel 

A love letter won’t be complete without the Dutch Luv Rebel next to it. The delightful blend of our exclusive Rebel energy drink infused with berry flavor and topped with pink Soft Top is the perfect match for your loved one! Plus, ordering this drink means you’re also sharing the luv with your community! From February 1 to February 18, Dutch Bros is donating $1 from any Dutch Luv® featured drink sold to local food organizations 💗

Quality Time + Cocomo Freeze

Coconut syrup and our exclusive chocolate milk come together with our blended coffee to create the exquisite Cocomo Freeze. Take a trip to your local Dutch Bros for some extra quality time paired with a delicious treat!

Acts of Service + Iced Golden Eagle Chai

Waking up to an Iced Golden Eagle Chai is the perfect way to start the day! A chai breve (half and half) with vanilla syrup and caramel sauce + caramel drizzle will be sure to leave a smile on your significant other’s face 😍

Receiving Gifts + Blended Electric Berry Rebel

The Electric Berry Rebel Energy Drink is a vibrant mix of lime syrup + blue raspberry syrup. This delicious surprise will have your partner feeling all the love! You can even add a bouquet of flowers for extra points!

Physical Touch + Hot Caramelizer

The only thing that can make a hug even better is having a hot Caramelizer in hand. This cozy drink made with our bold espresso, exclusive chocolate milk and caramel sauce is sure to make your partner feel special! 🫶