A person holding a white coffee drink from Dutch Bros

White Coffee: Is it everything you’ve been searching for?

February 2, 2023

In 2014, Dutch Bros introduced a rad new product to the menu…white coffee! Perhaps ahead of its time, the launch of white coffee came with an influx of customer questions.

What’s white coffee?

Why should I try it? 

What’s it taste like? 

Dutch Bros’ white coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period of time and at a lower temperature, resulting in a half roasted yet fully charged bean that’s completely unique! 

What’s so special about white coffee? For starters, it has a much lower acidity level and more caffeine than the traditional Dutch Bros blend. A miracle for customers with sensitive tummies! The naturally occurring sugars in the coffee beans don’t caramelize during the roasting process, which in turn takes away that somewhat bitter aftertaste often associated with regular espresso. Perfect for those who don’t enjoy the taste of traditional espresso, but are still in need of that daily pick me up!

Due to its lower roasting temperatures, the white coffee flavor profile is much lighter, earthy and nutty. A flavor as distinct as that of white coffee takes a bit of a taste testing trial to find the perfect flavor combo to pair it with. Luckily Dutch Bros has done the work for you! 

Here’s five drink recommendations to set you off on your white coffee journey ⚡ 

White Coffee Hazelnut Mocha

The White Coffee Hazelnut Mocha flavor combo pairs perfectly with the nutty taste of white coffee. This creation includes Dutch Bros’ exclusive chocolate milk and hazelnut flavoring. 

White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve

The distinctive taste of white coffee pairs great with flavors measuring on the sweeter side. The White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve is made with strawberry and hazelnut flavoring. This flavor combo is also delicious when ordered in a Dutch Freeze®!

White Coffee Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte

Ooey gooey, sweet and slightly crunchy on the outside? Some say skip the graham cracker all together and just give ‘em the marshmallow! The White Coffee Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte is a sweet treat that customers can’t get enough of. This cup of joy combines chocolate macadamia nut with vanilla to perfectly balance out the taste of white coffee. 

White Coffee Coconut Chai Latte

If you’re on the hunt for a drink that enhances the unique nutty taste, the White Coffee Coconut Chai Latte is the drink for you! White coffee pairs spectacularly with aromatic chai in both hot and iced drinks. The addition of the oh so irresistible flavor of coconut takes this drink to the next level! 

White Coffee Jelly Donut Oat Milk Latte

Donut die-hards this one’s for you! The White Coffee Jelly Donut Oat Milk Latte is a treat in a cup. Salted caramel, raspberry and almond flavors work so well together you’ll question whether or not it’s tastier than a real jelly donut!

Regardless of what appeals to your pallet, there’s a drink out there for you! You can always rely on the help of your broista to choose a drink option that could be your next go to drink. Ready to take the leap into the world of white coffee? Find your nearest Dutch Bros shop here!